Free shipping when spending more than Eur60 (Malta)
Free shipping when spending more than Eur60 (Malta)

Adapter USB 4.0 A male > 90° C female, 40GBit/s, 240W, 8K@60Hz

The charging power, data and video transmission depends on the connected hardware and may vary depending on the cable, charging device and end device used. To use Power Delivery, both the devices and the cables must support USB Power Delivery.

Other Information:

– USB 4.0 Gen. 3×2 adapter
– Connectors: USB-C™ male to USB-C™ female
– Design: Left/right angled
– Housing made of aluminium
– Nickel-plated plugs, gold-plated contact surfaces
– USB 4.0 Gen. 3×2 standard, backwards compatible
– Compatible with Thunderbolt™ 4 and Thunderbolt™ 3
– Up to 40 Gbit/s data transfer rate
– Video transmission up to 8K @60Hz
– Supports PCI Express 3.0 protocol
– Supports DisplayPort Alt Mode 2.0
– Charging power: up to 240W (48V / 5A)
– Supports Power Delivery 3.1 and Extended Power Range (EPR)

7.50 (6.36 excl. VAT)