Free shipping when spending more than Eur60 (Malta)
Free shipping when spending more than Eur60 (Malta)

White USB-C Type C Cable 30cm Green Cell PowerStream, Power Delivery 60W, Quick Charge 3.0

Other Information:

  • White GC PowerStream USB-C – USB-C Cable with a length of 30cm with support for fast charging in the Power Delivery standard (60W) was created to meet the expectations of the most demanding users
  • Thanks to the support of the Power Delivery standard, the cable is ideal for smartphones, tablets and laptops that support USB Type C charging, such as Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Dell XPS, Microsoft Surface, HP Spectre and many more
  • GC Power Stream ensures perfect operation with all USB-C equipped devices. Say goodbye to the hassle of non-certified accessories – plug and play
  • The unparalleled durability of the GC Power Stream is the result of the use of an extremely abrasion-resistant braid and metal covers that effectively protect against breaking both plugs

6.00 (5.08 excl. VAT)